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The city of Utrecht is candidate for the title UNESCO City of Literature. The title is awarded to cities that give extraordinary attention to literature. To support the candidacy a bidbook is made titled Utrecht- City where you learn to read.

Utrecht – City where you learn to read
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The special bidbook consists of two parts: Today and Yesterday. In the first part the flourishing contemporary literary landscape in Utrecht is shown. It becomes clear how literature is on display in several different ways during festivals, book presentations and other events. The Dom city itself is a stage for literature where on almost every street corner a poem arises. And in Utrecht a lot of books are read, especially because the city counts 56 bookshops and antiquaries and 24 libraries. In addition, it is a city of publishers and a city that pays special attention to literature education, mostly but not only because it has the biggest literature faculty of the Netherlands.

Part two of the bidbook is about the – 1300 years spanning – literary history of the Dom city, in which the Union of Utrecht and the French occupation play a big role. But the book also contains a clear literary timeline, a map with every literary institution in the city and biographies of the most important authors who came from Utrecht and authors from abroad who visited or worked there in past and present. All in all, an ideal guide and reference work for Utrecht as a city of literature.